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Neoline, low emission shipping solution Made in France

We are pleased to announce the upcoming keel laying ceremony for the innovative Neoline project. But that's not all –

Volunteer Opportunities

Wind Support NYC is calling for volunteers for an exciting lineup of events happening from May 8th to May 29th!

2024 Miami Boat Show

Come and meet us to discover FinX disruptive technology at the Miami Boat Show, February 14 to February 18. Wind



Wind support


Worldwide maritime shipping is critical for our global economy: 80% of manufactured goods, commodities, energy are crossing oceans.

Very efficient, it is the cheapest way to move goods, but it burns a heavy, dirty fossil fuel: worldwide maritime trading comes with a high environmental cost. The commercial fleet is responsible for approximately 1 billion tonnes per year, i.e. 3% of global CO2 and methane emissions. 

Fueled by a magic, cheap and energy intense oil, the modern vessels haven’t developed the capacity to capture renewable energy onboard. 

Sailors, ocean lovers, we feel outraged that wind is not used any more on a boat. Only 20 vessels of the commercial fleet are able to harness the wind. 

Out of 60,000…… 

In the 1800s, steam engines powered by coal were installed on sailboats. Such an upgrade was required to accelerate development and global trade. In this picture, the Great Eastern Steamship was launched in 1857, equipped with six sails and one propeller (Montauk Lighthouse Museum, NY)

With such an energy, climate crisis ahead of us, hybrid vessels are needed, now. 

We produce the podcast Hoisting the Sail: interviews of maritime professionals, innovators, sailors, we talk about maritime transport, ocean, global trade, sustainability. 

Member of the International Windship Association, the trade association orchestrating the return of the wind, we are headquartered on Governors Island, NY.