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WISAMO by Michelin

In this new episode, our guest, Benoit Baisle Dailliez, initiative leader for WISAMO by Michelin, explains how the giant tires manufacturer came to develop a solution suitable to any vessels, and more particularly cargo ships (new or existing).

Their motto, “Engineered by Michelin, powered by the wind”, makes clear that the company is fully committed to the decarbonization of maritime transport and a decrease of greenhouse gasses emissions.

WISAMO’s team embarked in “a real adventure fully in line with Michelin’s “all sustainable” approach.”

WISAMO is a wing sail, inflatable as the parent’s company main line of products.  The prototype is still tested on a 40′ sailboat off the coast of Royan in France, under the supervision of legendary sailor Michel Desjoyeaux, In a near future, a full scale WISAMO wing sail will be installed on a freighter operating in the Bay of Biscay. 

WISAMO is an active member of the International Wind Ship Association.