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Wind Support Summit 2024: Navigating the Path to Decarbonization

2030: 294 Weeks to Go:
In the context of the Transat CIC arrival in New York, Wind Support NYC is hosting a pivotal discussion session on May 13th, 2024, at The Skipper Lounge to explore the decarbonization of maritime transport and the potential for ocean-going vessels to support this transition. While many commitments have been made for 2050, this session aims to identify the progress that can be made in the short term, between now and January 1, 2030—in just 294 weeks.

Date: May 13, 2024 

2 PM – 5 PM: Decarbonization of Maritime Transport
5 PM – 7 PM: Networking Cocktail

Mayor of Lorient City
LAURENT CORBEL: CEO & Founder of Wind Support NYC
CHRISTOPHE CÉRINO: Researcher at the Université Bretagne Sud – Specialist in maritime history and heritage

PANEL 1: Sailing Through Time – The History and Progress of Sailing (40 min)  

  • JONATHAN BOULWARE: President & CEO, South Street Seaport Museum
  • CARL PERSAK: Principal, Persak & Wurmfeld
  • FRANÇOIS GABART: Skipper, founder & director of Mer Concept, co-founder of Vela
  • MODERATOR: MARIA GALLUCCI: Senior Reporter, Canary Media Inc. 

The first panel will delve into the evolution of sail propulsion from the Viking era to the present, highlighting its renewed relevance in decarbonizing maritime transport. Christophe Cérino will open with insights into the architecture of the Isère, the frigate that transported the Statue of Liberty in 1885. François Gabart will then discuss recent technological advancements in ocean racing and how these innovations are being adapted for maritime transport. Jonathan Boulware will offer a historical context on New York’s port evolution. Maria Gallucci will moderate this engaging discussion.

PANEL 2: Transforming Maritime Transport by 2030 – User Expectations (30 min)  

  • PASCAL BRAULT: VP Supply Chain, Logistics and Care Services, Louis Vuitton Americas
  • STEPHANE LEICHNAM: Senior Director of Operations, Expanscience Laboratoires
  • CAMILLE VANDERGHOTE: CSR Manager, Bolloré Logistics Americas
  • MODERATOR: BRAD VOGEL: SuperCargo, Schooner Apollonia

The second panel will allow maritime transport organizations to outline their plans to decarbonize their operations by 2030. Representatives from Louis Vuitton Americas, Expanscience Laboratories, and Bolloré Logistics Americas will share their short-term plans to reduce emissions from their supply chain and how new sailing transport projects like Grain de Sail align with their corporate social responsibility goals. They will discuss the challenges and opportunities of carbon-free shipping, moderated by Brad Vogel, supercargo at the Schooner Apollonia.

Presentation: Towards a Sail Propulsion Policy – The Action of the French Government (15 min) 

  • MAXIME MILLEFERT: Ecology, Sustainable Development, Energy and Transport advisor – French Embassy in the United States 

In this presentation, Maxime Millefert will share insights into the “Pacte Vélique,” the French government’s initiative supporting sail propulsion as a critical lever for decarbonizing logistics flows. He will outline the commitments made to aid this transition and highlight policy measures in place to drive innovation.

PANEL 3: Shipping Companies in the Era of Decarbonization (30 min)  

  • LINA TENENBAUM: Lead Sustainability Engineer – International Seaways, Inc.
  • HEIDI LINDEMANN: Director Seafreight Procurement – Bolloré Logistics Americas

This panel will focus on how international shipping companies are reducing their carbon footprint while navigating an increasingly stringent regulatory framework. Jonathan Dowsett and Lina Tenenbaum will share the concrete improvements their companies have adopted and their challenges. The discussion will emphasize the importance of balancing environmental impact with business efficiency.

PANEL 4: Integrating Sustainability Issues into Maritime Training (30 min)  

  • BRADLEY GOLDEN: Assistant Professor of Naval Architecture – Webb Institute
  • RAJU DATLA: Research Associate Professor – Stevens Institute of Technology
  • HARI BALASUBRAMANIAN: Hydrodynamicist/Assistant Professor, SUNY Maritime College

The final panel will explore how maritime training programs incorporate sustainability issues to prepare future professionals for the challenges of the energy transition. Experts from leading maritime institutions will share their insights into evolving curricula that balance traditional technical skills with comprehensive environmental awareness.


After the panels, attendees can mingle and network over cocktails, connecting with thought leaders, industry experts, and peers in maritime sustainability.
Join us at The Skipper Lounge on May 13 to be part of this vital conversation on shaping a sustainable future for maritime transport.

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