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The Winds of San Francisco

We started this podcast to feature not only established firms using wind propulsion, but to give up-and-comers a chance to describe their journey.  In our conversation with Charlie Bogue, Director of Market Development & Strategy at Wind + Wing Technologies, we hear how a young company won a coveted bid to retrofit passenger ferries in the San Francisco Bay.  

While competing against larger companies with longer histories and bigger gas tanks, Wind & Wing Technologies edged out the field by suggesting a hybrid solution with an eye to efficient routes, passenger satisfaction and low environmental impact.  The  approach piqued the interest of local legislators and ferry operators who praised an affordable and low-carbon answer to moving commuters across the bay. 

Raised in the Bay Area and currently living in Europe, Charlie’s opinions on ship decarbonization, input from lawmakers, short sea shipping, market uptake in Europe and autonomous vessels are informed by his cross-borders experience.  

He also told us about his role as the sole Yankee on the Executive Committee of the International WindShip Association (IWSA), and how as membership continues to grow, so does the urgency to present a cohesive message across the board. 

 Charlie’s passion for wind power grew from his childhood sailing trips with family on the West Coast and a concurrent career as the Director of Charters & Marketing for Adventure Cat Sailing, which takes 40,000 tourists per year on catamaran cruises under the Golden Gate Bridge.