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Statsraad Lehmkuhl

The most beautiful ship sailed majestically into ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina at Brooklyn Bridge Park a few weeks ago, but what makes this ship so extraordinary and why should you pay attention to its ventures?

We welcome Captain Marcus Seidl who shares the story behind the ship and its prospects for the future. Norway’s 107-year-old three-masted tall ship,  278-foot sailing vessel was built in Germany in 1914 and then gifted to England as a war prize shortly after World War One.

It is now embarking on an exciting voyage called the One Ocean Expedition. This expedition will cover 55,000 nautical miles and visit 36 countries around the world over the span of 20 months. 

It has  been tasked to measure water and air quality throughout the journey. The goal is to create awareness and share knowledge about the important role of the ocean for a sustainable future. In addition, the Lehmkuhl is a training ship and will be a training site for maritime officers. Here, officers will undergo intensive instruction as a part of their education and learn good seamanship. 

Join us as we discuss topics ranging from dangerous voyages through Cape Horn to sail assist technologies, and learn about some of the challenges and innovations within the maritime sector.