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Zero Emission Shipping is around the corner! 

Last week, we presented the shipping route between Central America and North America soon to be offered by Sailcargo Inc  and its flagship Ceiba. 

On this week’s episode, we receive Jean Zanuttini,  CEO of Neoline, shipping start up based  in Nantes, France. 

Renault, Beneteau, Manitou, Hennessy, Michelin, Clarins, Longchamp – the list of Neoline’s  marquee customers onboarding on zero carbon shipping is impressive! 

Since announcing the construction of its first two 136m ro-ro vessel, Neoline has been closely watched by the shipping industry.  

Thank you Jean for telling us more about Neoline: the inspiration behind the project, the design of the Neoliner, the niche market you are addressing, the challenges of  financing such an asset, the operational model to fit your customers’ supply chain and much more!

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