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Marine decarbonization takes on Wall Street

This week we take a step back from our usual focus on wind propulsion to delve into another important aspect of marine decarbonization: financing.

Our guest Harold Malone joins us to talk about a project he co-founded, the Marine Money Decarbonization Index (MMDI).

This index tracks the performance of the equity securities of 50 global companies that are committed to decarbonizing the maritime sector. Malone envisions that the MMDI will raise awareness of the challenges the maritime sector is facing, attracting investment and technological solutions into the industry.

Since you cannot invest directly in an index, Malone has partnered with ETFMG to create the ETFMG Breakwave Sea Decarbonization Tech ETF, which is designed to replicate the returns of the MMDI.

What had started out as a tool for the industry, is now a platform that is providing an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate in maritime decarbonization via the ETF.

Join us to explore an effort that is marking a key transition to a maritime sector that is becoming more accessible to the public.

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