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Sail Cargo Inc

I am writing to you from onboard the cargo schooner Vega, anchored outside the Swedish town of Dalarö, about 20 miles or 30km South East of Stockholm.  I can hear the anchor windlass hauling up the anchor now, we will set out for Stockholm within the hour.  By the end of the day we should be in the drydock, inspecting the vessel to see if she will be fit for purchase.  It is from this perspective that I am writing you to to share something exciting: we have officially launched our brand, SAILCARGO INC., as a top holding company. Our first move is to purchase the vessel Vega, and begin to ship cargo this year.
As you can imagine, this has been a major undertaking for our team. Some investors of Ceiba may not understand the significance of this opportunity. In case you are not familiar with our corporate structure, I will give a brief description:
Currently, you are a shareholder of Inversiones Maritimas Ceiba S.A., a Costa Rican company limited by shares, which owns the beautiful vessel Ceiba (check out some recent photos, attached!). This type of company is not able to scale up in the way that investors dream of… it is always going to be about one ship: Ceiba. Now, for the first time, we are inviting existing shareholders of Ceiba to join the top holding company.  SAILCARGO INC. has exponential potential, the ability to expand across sectors.  SAILCARGO INC. is positioned to become a powerful brand with a grand vision:
· constructing and operating a fleet of wooden, emission-free ships,
· working with existing certification societies to establish a powerful label,
· building a product brand supported by the label,
· designing an app to unite all clean power cargo vessels,
· taking a leading stake in the green hydrogen maritime sector,
· and more (see attached business plan).
At this time, we are opening up to receive new investments to SAILCARGO INC. with a specific mission in mind.
Our vision has become a reality earlier than expected. Vega, the wooden cargo schooner from the same design inspiration as Ceiba, has been offered to me personally for purchase through SAILCARGO INC. With the momentum given to us by our major cargo client and the ever-growing support of our investors, we are in the position to move forward with the purchase of this unique vessel. By the end of this year, Vega will sail cargo emission-free. She will soon make a profit, and propel all other endeavours under the SAILCARGO INC. umbrella.  By acquiring Vega in May 2022, this topholding company can provide the service our clients are waiting for, paving the way for all other vessels of the SAILCARGO INC. fleet, including Ceiba and Pitaya. 

SAILCARGO INC. has opened fundraising in light of this promising acquisition.  Our team has been working on the Vega project quietly for over a year, and in November 2021 two objective surveys of the ship were conducted (we will be doing the third and final survey next week). We are confident with the decision to acquire Vega. As of this moment, we are trying to raise $2.6M for Vega.  We are grateful to say that we currently have $1.3M+ pledged towards this funding round.  You will find additional information attached.  If you would like to invest in our top holding company as an early supporter, we would be extremely grateful.  If so, please complete the single-page form (attached, #2).







Thank you for all of your support: after all this time, we are in a position to take our vision to the next level with you. 
Kindest regards from the fjords of Sweden,


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