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IMOCAs – business opportunities

Sailing on an IMOCA, spending a day with the skipper and the crew is an experience many passionate sailors, sailing enthusiasts and corporations wish to experience. Wind Support NYC would like to promote exclusive events while the fleet of IMOCAs is in the US, creating a win-win situation where guests enjoy an amazing sailing experience, connect with a skipper and his crew while bringing financial support and a wider interest to the project.

Period – from May 12 to May 27, 2024

Possible schedule of events: full day, with 2-3 hours sailing:  

  • Assemble at the marina
  • Meet the crew & presentation of the boat
  • Share lunch with the team and skipper
  • Safety instructions, get equipped and board the boat
  • Leave marina 
  • Sail 2-3 hours in NYC / Newport harbor 
  • Return to the marina  
  • Drink at the Marina

A RIB with members of the race direction and Wind Support NYC will follow the Imocas to enhance safety and capture the experience. 

This short questionnaire is intended to assess the feasibility, your interest and the conditions in on-boarding “outside guests” and offer such an experience. Thanks in advance for your feedback; feel free to reach out if you are interested.