NYC Vendée Reservation Follow up

Dear “Imocean”:
The Windsupport team has well received your lodging requests. Full invoice is following.We have secured a stable and isolid contract with the Tillary hotel. It went through a full management overhaul and rumors of past experiences will not affect out full confidence in its service and refunds in case something unexpected goes astray. 

Additionally, we strongly advise every team to subscribe to additional travel insurance for any other mishaps. We contracted “XYZ-Yacht-and-Travel” insurance to offer each team group insurance at a rate that beats any other that individuals couls obtain. It covers:

We invite to peruse the detail contract and the rates and contact

Kat Bride | Travel Consultant
+1 917 742 9200
Travel Edge

| 230 Park Avenue, 3rd Floor West,

New York NY 10169