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2024 Miami Boat Show

 Miami, February 14-18


Join us at the Miami Boat Show from February 14th to February 18th as Wind Support is introducing to the US market the groundbreaking FinS electric motor, developed by Paris-based startup FinX Motors. 

Revolutionizing marine propulsion, FinX Motors introduces an innovative technology that swaps traditional propellers for a compact and efficient fin, inspired by nature’s design. Mimicking the movement of fish fins, this membrane propels fluid in a straight line, delivering up to 30% energy savings. The result? The world’s first 100% electric, clean, and safe fin motors for boats.

This propellerless, 100% electric motor operates on a 48V battery, boasting robust construction with corrosion protection. Ideal for tenders, small crafts, and sailboats up to 3 tons, the FinS offers a power of 2000W, equivalent to a 5 HP petrol outboard, without the associated risks of injury to humans or marine life.

Embracing bio-inspiration, the FinS’s undulating membranes enable propulsion at speeds comparable to traditional propellers, with minimal water disturbance. Equipped with features such as tiller control, integrated GPS for distance calculation, and manual and automatic lifting capabilities, the FinS is a testament to innovation and sustainability in marine technology.

Experience the FinS electric motor at the Miami Boat Show – see you there!

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