This new episode of Hoisting the Sail is taking you to Barcelona!

Our guest is David Ferrer Desclaux, co-founder & CTO of bound4blue.

A trained aerospace engineer, he switched to the vast horizon of our blue planet in 2015 and started, along with a group of classmates, bound4blue, “to power the world with wind”.

Bound4Blue is developing an automated wind-assisted propulsion system, the eSAIL.

If you grew up watching Commandant Jacques Cousteau adventures on TV, you may remember his 2nd boat, the Alcyone. Commandant Cousteau’s team included two bright engineers, Professor Lucien Malavard and Doctor Bertrand Charrier. 

Together, they revived and improved the Flettner Rotor,  developing the a Suction Sail named the Turbosail™ – the ancestor of the eSAIL was born!

Doctor Bertrand Charrier is now an associate at Bound4Blue! With the young and dedicated team of the Spanish start-up, they keep improving the Suction Sail technology & design, gaining an impressive 20% boost in fuel saving performance. 

Bound4Blue has become a major player in the growing wind propulsion technology. The eSAIL has been harnessing the wind since 2021, bringing live data to confirm the savings predicted by modelisations. 

For our aerospace engineer and his team, the sky’s the limit!